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Forum for the Freedom of Political Prisoners, Gathering in Medellin, Justice for Berta Cáceres

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On August 3rd and 4th, in the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentine League for the Rights of Man held a "Forum for the Freedom of Political Prisoners in the Americas and for all People."

Following massive social protests across Honduras after the fraudulent November 2017 presidential elections, SOA Watch has worked in collaboration with the Honduras Solidarity Network to demand the freedom of 26 community leaders and social activists being held as political prisoners. After 7 months, Edwin Espinal, Raúl Álvarez, Edy Gonzalo, Gustavo Cáceres, and José Godinez are still being held as political prisoners at maximum security prisons in Honduras.

"The Forum in Buenos Aires was an opportunity for SOA Watch to share what does not come out in the mass media: in Honduras there are political prisoners, and
the struggle continues to achieve justice for the murder of Berta Cáceres," said Pablo Ruiz, who participated in the Forum on behalf of SOA Watch.

Colombia: Social justice organizations to meet in Medellín
In 1968, the 2nd General Assembly of the Latin American Episcopal Council took place in Medellín, Colombia. The "Medellin Documents" led to a new stage in the life of the church in Latin America, as many deepened their understanding of, and commitment to, social justice.

From August 28th to September 1st of this year, SOA Watch and partner organizations, including SICSAL, will gather together in Medellin, Colombia for the meeting titled, "The Cry of the Poor, the Cry for Life: Lights and Shadows following 50 Years of Medellin". While SOA Watch is not a religious organization, we recognize the important support of many Christians who fight for truth, justice, and to end the training at the SOA / WHINSEC.


Honduras: Material authors to stand trial for the assassination of Berta Cáceres


From September 10th to 28th, eight people will stand trail for the March 3, 2016 murder of social activist and COPINH co-founder Berta Cáceres.

Among the detainees are Major Mariano Diaz Chavez and Lieutenant Douglas Giovanny Bustillo - both were trained at the School of the Americas and received anti-terrorist training in the US in 2005.

COPINH is calling on the international community to participate as observers in this trial and continues to demand that the intellectual authors of Berta's assassination be identified and arrested.

SOA Watch will be present as international observers during the trail and will have special press coverage.

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