Australian PM says cabinet to address KFC 'cabbage-gate'

Publicado: 08/06/2022

Sydney (AFP) -

Australia's prime minister joked he would huddle with top officials Thursday to discuss the soaring cost of lettuce and local KFCs' decision to replace the verdant leaf with a cabbage mix on their Zinger Burgers.

Dubbing the fast-food chain's decision 'crazy', centre-left leader Anthony Albanese quipped the situation had become a national 'crisis'.

Lettuce prices have soared by as much as 300 percent in Australian cities thanks to recent flooding and high global fuel prices.

A single head of iceberg lettuce that once sold for about $2 now goes for close to $8 in Sydney and Melbourne.

As a result, KFC told Australian customers it would reduce the lettuce in its products in favour of a 50-50 lettuce-cabbage mix.

'Cabbage isn't the same as lettuce. That's just wrong,' Albanese told Sydney's KIIS FM radio.

'I'll put it on the list for the Cabinet meeting today. Cabbage-gate.'

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